Childhood Stress and Trauma in Calling Dr. Laura

Calling Dr. Laura by Nicole Georges is a visually stimulating graphic memoir that presents conflicted emotions in a friendly, open narrative style. Georges addresses the audience like a trusted confidant and conversationally opens up about her private life. The most … Continue reading

What are the Digital Humanities? – Final project for DH306 My project plans always evolve slower than I would like, so it is no surprise that this one has followed suit. I spent hours playing with every app. imaginable and re-reading all of the assignments from the term. I’ve … Continue reading

Shakespeare’s Sonnet 81

Shakespeare’s Sonnet 81 is about immortal life through verse — not necessarily his own, but that of his muse. The strange thing is that in order for his muse to become immortal, he also must become immortal. It seems strange almost 500 years later to read Shakespeare’s sonnet and realize that he has done just that.