What are the Digital Humanities? – Final project for DH306

http://prezi.com/soiomwtrnvjs/present/?auth_key=b6mva4x&follow=smbaq-zxxpeh My project plans always evolve slower than I would like, so it is no surprise that this one has followed suit. I spent hours playing with every app. imaginable and re-reading all of the assignments from the term. I’ve … Continue reading

Unboxing House of Leaves of Grass

Appearing on video (however briefly) is my Achilles heel. I freeze up and get flustered and lose whatever eloquence I possess in real life. As an experiment, I decided that I was going to finally bite the bullet and make a little spoof unboxing video for House of Leaves of Grass. It seemed like the right approach because there is no way to describe the work using words. There are too many twists and turns, just like the book House of Leaves. As an added bonus, I got to play around with iMovie a little more. Practice makes perfect, right?

History of a Family (House of Leaves Addendum of Sorts)

Im Laufe seiner Geschichte so weit, hat NPD von 24 aufgezeichneten Chiefs of Police geführt worden. Der erste Vorstand gegründet im Jahre 1901 war John Barry. Der dienstälteste waren Buster Baker, Leiter von der 1958-1978 und Marshall Brisbin und dient … Continue reading